Finding the Right Mediterranean Cruise Itinerary

Cruises to Med destinations are a sensory delight, so the best Mediterranean cruises offer something for everyone.

Meander along the French Riviera in search of the perfect yacht, sip ice-cold Mythos in charming towns in Santorini, scrub away tension in a 300-year old Turkish bath and lose yourself in a labyrinth of Venetian canals.

Ancient cities are dotted with active volcanoes. Charming fishing villages are surrounded by spectacular beaches and hidden coves. Exclusive shopping districts give way to quaint streets lined with Greek tavernas and hanging octopus.

Long days with late night sail-always are magical, rounding off wonderful Med cruise experiences with world-class entertainment and fine French wines.

Circular vs Point-to-Point Med Cruises

Circular cruises are themed around a single idea or focused on an area of particular cultural interest. Point-to-point cruises are a whirlwind tasting experience across major sightseeing ports in a broad variety of countries.

Eastern Mediterranean itineraries include a great mix of gentle beach days and unique sightseeing, with plenty of time to relax. Sail through the Greek Isles, explore ancient Byzantine culture on the Turkish coast and venture into tiny seaside towns in Croatia and Montenegro.

Western Mediterranean cruises are characterised by spectacular sightseeing. These cruises combine ancient civilizations with modern glamour, visiting ruined cities like Rome and Athens alongside glitzy destinations such as Monaco and the Amalfi Coast. Cruises in the western Med have big days and tick as many sightseeing boxes as possible.

Cruising the Med from Southampton

Sailing from Southampton is a convenient way to take a Med cruise but does have some pros and cons to consider.

Med cruises departing from Southampton are easily accessible, with no flights significantly reducing the cost of your cruise holiday. Flight-free cruises from Southampton are a terrific way to shop in exclusive ports like Monte Carlo and Naples without worrying about excess baggage charges if you go overboard.

Southampton itineraries nearly always cruise the Western Med or the Balearic and Canary Islands, so can sometimes be more limiting, with less choice when it comes to ports of call.

How Many Sea Days on a Mediterranean Cruise?

Seasoned cruisers love sea days. Spending a day onboard the ship is, for many, a welcome lazy morning and a chance to enjoy the ship’s facilities. Mediterranean cruises are known for long days with busy sightseeing, so having a few sea days is highly recommended.

When deciding how many sea days is right for your Med cruise consider how many long walking days you will have, how far away your ports of call are located from major tourist attractions and how well the sea days are positioned within your itinerary.

Sea days on relaxing Med cruise itineraries are better positioned near the start of the cruise, easing you into port for the ultimate island holiday. On active itineraries that are packed with sightseeing, having a few sea days towards the end of your cruise is the perfect way to unwind.

Sea days are synonymous with spa days, which can be booked in advance before setting sail.

Great Overnight Cruise Ports in the Mediterranean

Nightlife is a brilliant inclusion on a Med cruise. Stroll through Venice in search of the perfect wine bar, feast on Spanish tapas in Barcelona, sip cocktails in Istanbul’s Taksim Square and soak up the amazing sunsets in Cadiz.

The best Mediterranean cruises include an overnight in port at the start, middle or end of your itinerary. This creates two full days for sightseeing, with the chance to head out for a delicious local dinner in an authentic restaurant ashore.

Getting the Best Deals on Mediterranean Cruise Itineraries

Using a cruise comparison site such as Hello Cruise is the easiest, most cost-effective way to find the right Med cruise for your dream holiday. We’ll show you the very best cruise deals, which you can book through a dedicated cruise travel agent with absolute confidence for complete peace of mind.

Top Tip

Go for a Med cruise itinerary that has a strong destination theme such as the Greek Isles or Ancient Wonders of the World for a richer, more immersive cruising experience.